What Is A Search Engine Audit?

SEO audit, or client-site audits, refers to an independent verification of a company’s on-page optimization procedures. A client site audit typically targets two issues: search engine ranking and off-page factors such as link building and internal linking. Search engine ranking refers to the position a site is in Google’s ranking algorithm. This is based on the submissions made by clients to the Google AdWords advertising network.

The second issue, off-page factors, refers to things like backlinks from other reputable sites. If the new website is not following up with links to its pages, then it’s likely that it isn’t performing at a high enough level to make money off of it. In addition, client-site audits usually make sure that the company is performing the steps necessary to remove outdated and invalid content from the website. By performing these steps, companies are taking a proactive approach to making sure their customers have a pleasant shopping experience on their websites.

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Companies that choose to perform seo audit services will have their fingers and toes tied behind the whole SEO issue. However, by choosing to use professional seo services, the company can ensure that its ranking in the search engines is high and staying that way. SEO audits are also beneficial because they allow companies to see where their link building and internal linking strengths lie, and where they need to improve. These audits can be a big help when companies are trying to win new customers and increase sales.