Floor Sanding Vs Refinishing

Floor sanding is basically the process of eliminating the top most surfaces of a wood floor by repeatedly sanding using abrasive substances. The first stage consists of sweeping the floor to remove dust particles that may have collected in the crevices. In addition, sweeping also helps to avoid water spots and mudspots.

Floor Sanders are mainly used to power the sander. They are available in different shapes and sizes to suit the requirements of different users. Some of them are corded and others are cordless. While most of them use electricity for power, some of the cordless ones are rechargeable or plug in. To ensure safety, floor Sanders is generally used with the help of a few safety precautions.

It is recommended that you do not use the floor sanding machine on an indoor air cleaner or on areas that are highly polluted. This is because the noise produced by the sander could affect the health of the people living in the surrounding area. Also, it could damage the delicate decorative items in the room.

For proper results, you should select a floor sanding machine that comes with a blade that has been cut properly to obtain the right grain. The blade should be kept clean and sharp during the floor refinishing or hardwood finishing process. You should also check out the depth of the sandpaper to see how deep it can dig into the wood. The best way to find out is to apply some oil on the blade. It is advisable to buy a high-quality machine that is going to last longer than those that use low quality sandpaper.

Before beginning to floor sanding, you should prepare all the things needed such as sandpaper, floor finisher, floor sanding machine and rags. For the first cut, you should hold the sandpaper at a 45 degree angle and start to move it in a back and forth motion. The purpose is to remove the topmost layer of the wood. As the first cut is made, a small depression will appear as the ground gets scraped.

This is the point where the grain will start to appear. You may need to repeat the sanding process until the desired finish is achieved. You can continue to floor sanding and refinishing hardwood floors in this same position until you get the desired results. Once the floors have been sanded, it is time to apply the refinishing finish.

Sanding of wood floors using coarse grits will produce a finish that has more of an old-fashioned country look. The smoother the finish, the more timeless it will seem. The final step is to apply the rough grit finish to the floor sanding and then allow it to dry. If you allow the refinishing to dry in a given time, you will get a much better final result.

Polished floors will require that you use fine grit sand paper with a polisher. Fine grit sandpaper will provide a shiny appearance, but it is also less aggressive than coarse grit sandpaper. It can be a good idea to use both coarse and fine grit sandpaper on newly installed hardwood floors. The polishers can be used to give the floors a very smooth finish.

There are many different brands of floor sanding machines on the market. Your choice will depend on the type of wood you have as well as the level of finish you desire. N-Harmonizing is a common finish for hardwood floors. It gives the floor a pinkish hue. There are other types of finishing including pigmented, premium grade and polyurethane.

When you choose a polisher, remember that the brand and the type of finish you choose will affect the price. Also remember that the type of refinishing that you do to your hardwood floor will have an effect on the durability of your floors. If you want your hardwood floors to retain their luster for years, you should do the sanding removes. But if you want them to look new, you need to do the refinishing.

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Floor sanding is not the only step in refinishing your floors. You also have to remove the scratches from the floors. You can hire professional carpet cleaners to take care of this aspect of the job. But if you want the job to be easy and you do not mind doing the scratching by yourself, you can remove the scratches by sanding with an electric sander. Once the dust is removed, you will see how beautiful your floors would look after sanding.