All About Psychotherapy And Psychiatry

A psychiatrist is someone who specifically practices psychotherapy, which deals with the areas of human behaviour and is concerned with the healing process. A psychiatrist may work in the field alone or may be a co Psychiatry specialist working in an area of allied health care such as pediatrics, geriatrics, and family practice. Psychologists who specialize in one particular area of psychiatric practice may also conduct research or conduct clinical studies in that specific area. Psychologists can sometimes treat their own patients as well as prescribing medications for their patients.

Empire Psychiatry

After completing a four years undergraduate degree at an accredited university and completing four years of graduate studies in an accredited college of Psychology, you can enter into a doctorate program at an approved university to become a psychiatrist. There are many psychiatric residency training programs that offer training in many areas of psychiatric practice, but some of the most common areas include clinical neuropsychology, social and cultural psychology, social and cognitive therapy, psychology of education, philosophy of education, neuroanatomy, neurology, pharmacology and physiology. After your training you will have the opportunity to select specific areas of psychiatric practice based on which you would like to serve.

Many psychiatrists who specialize in one particular area will often work together with colleagues who also specialize in that area and therefore form a ‘team’ of psychiatrists. These ‘roles’ are often referred to as Clinical Coordinators or Clinical Practice Supervisors. Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists often work together as well in treatment settings, but there are differences between them such as the use of medications and therapies and their specific areas of expertise.

Psychologists often work closely with psychiatrists who provide diagnosis and treatment for a particular disorder. Often they work side by side, but not always, with a psychiatrist specializing in one particular area of psychiatric practice. Other types of psychotherapists include marriage and family therapists, educators and administrators, healthcare professionals such as physicians and nurses, social workers, and psychologists.