A Fire Door Gap Gauge Can Help You Get the Right Fire Doors

If you are working on or looking to install a new fire door in your home then you will need to be aware of what a fire door gap gauge is and how you can find one. You should understand that these door sensors are vital when it comes to fire safety in your home or business as if they were to stop working they can cause serious problems for all kinds of people, including staff and visitors. Not only do they need to be fitted as part of the fire safety system in your building, but you should always carry out a full inspection every now and then and check that there is no sign of wear and tear in them. If you find that they are becoming damaged then you should consider replacing them as soon as possible.

Unlike regular fire door monitors they do not need to have much of an opening between the wall it should not be more than 8mm. This is why a fire door gap gauge is able to be inserted into the gap thus revealing to you what size it actually is. If you were to try and use a tape measure to find out this information it would be very difficult as they can vary between sizes quite dramatically. They also measure in millimetres and inches, these are the measurements that you need.

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The main advantage of using a fire door gap gauge is that you know exactly the right size and type of fire door you need. Some doors are very different to others and can make fitting the monitors quite confusing. They are designed to fit most of the common fire doors but there are some that are only available from certain suppliers. You can usually buy these products direct from the suppliers or you can go online where you can find a large range of different options from which to choose. If you are unsure of what to buy you can always contact the manufacturer and ask for advice.