Tree Benefits – More Than Just Flowers

Tree benefits are numerous and the list is long. Trees not only provide us with food, but they also help us fight off pests such as snakes and rodents, ward off other insects, provide shade and energy, and in some areas, they even act as a carbon filter by storing carbon dioxide. A well lit tree can add over half of your home’s worth of heating energy to your residence. Trees are also used to provide privacy from neighbors and unwanted visitors as they shade your windows and doors.

They are beautiful to look at, we are able to see their silhouette as they grow old and change color, and they add character to our surroundings. We are constantly reminded of trees through poetry, songs, and even movies. The use of trees is essential in the maintenance of a healthy environment because they act as a sponge and absorb the pollutants in the air and water, filtering them out before they reach our lungs and into our bodies. Trees can help reduce the strain on our natural resources.

There are many ways to enjoy the many benefits of having trees in your landscape, including the obvious practicality of shading your house from the sun, and providing you with privacy from prying eyes, however there are also countless creative uses for trees. By planting beautiful trees you can add color to your lawn or garden and provide a focal point that draws people into your yard. You can create wonderland wonders by turning a simple tree stump into a slide, or a stepping stone. Tree benefits also include reducing the risk of allergies and asthma attacks in your home by filtering polluted air and creating a cooler atmosphere.