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Entertaining news and reports in the form of factual data, images and videos have always been a preferred option for television viewers all over the globe. Entertaining news as a standalone feature or as part of another program has been a long time favorite and preferred format amongst television enthusiasts as well as commoners. There are many channels that broadcast news throughout the week or month depending on what is most desired by the audience at the time. Entertainment news is such a niche category of news that it would not be surprising to find a number of channels dedicated to entertainment news and facts. Entertainment news is a leading flagship television news format at present which features exciting news from around the globe, including the world of entertainment from home and abroad, based on unbiased facts and reports broadcast on the popular Indonesian TV network DOT.

The premise behind DOT news is simple. The channel will launch a new show each week, which caters to whatever interest its audience might have. Most of the time, a news report is run along with a feature which takes the news story and makes it captivating to the point that the viewer finds it hard not to watch. The show has been a ratings success since it was first aired in Indonesia. The show has been given prime time slots on all of the major news channels, and it has managed to build a reputation as one of the best sources of entertainment news. It has also managed to gain a considerable number of loyal fans, who regularly follow the show and provide feedback on Twitter.

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Other Indonesian shows that fall under the realm of entertainment news include: The Big Boss, The Perfect Score, Gossip Girl, Lipnicity Loves, Ripper Roo and My Little Pony. These shows together form a massive media empire which constantly creates innovative content to keep its audiences entertained and informed. The media industry in Indonesia is highly competitive, and so it is unsurprising that Indonesian channels have managed to establish themselves as one of the most popular television brands in the country. With a strong following of both locals and foreigners, this media company is set to expand into other formats in the near future.