Black Cloth Plank Paint – Black Chalk Paint

Black Cloth Plank Paint has many uses. Primarily a waterproof, durable paint used for bathroom and kitchen walls. Also a versatile paint that works wonderfully on painted wood furniture without peeling or priming. Quick to dry and easy to use.

For the painting of wood furniture a fine grade black chalk paint is used and allowed to dry slowly. The paint is then applied to the furniture with a sponge and a very light brush. No priming or primers are needed and the painting simply dries to a matte finish. In addition, this type of painting also allows for an assortment of colors as well as finishes. Black can be combined with other colors to create a multitude of looks.

can’t go wrong with annie sloan chalk paint paris grey

Another form of black chalk paint is called black wax. It is the same product but it is mixed with wax. A very thick layer of black wax is applied to the surface of the wood, and a spray bottle is used to apply the wax mixture. This paint dries fairly quickly so the color is ready to paint again. A thick coat of wax needs to be allowed to set before a painting.