Search Engine News Keeps You Ahead of the Trend

July brought yet another set of updates to the ranking system for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This past month, Google made changes to the way they display page names in the natural search results, and the SEO community was all in an uproar. But that’s not all that took place this month. In August, there was much more SEO news to cover including several new video training methods from Jono and Joost, and several new articles on optimizing videos for YouTube.

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In September, there will be even more SEO news from Google as part of their annual “gaggle” event, which will bring together the biggest players in the SEO world to discuss the most recent trends and best practices in search engine optimization. Other SEO news from Google in September includes their partnership with Zagat, which will allow consumers to rate their dining experiences online. Zagat will also introduce a new subscription service that will let users subscribe to a list of “high-quality, credible” local restaurants.

In October, the most important SEO factor for the new year is likely to be Google’s Panda update. It’s going to affect everything from keyword density to the structure of internal linking structures. Many search engines are scrambling to put the latest Google panda updates into place before the end of the year, so those are some serious changes to keep an eye on. In addition to these updates, there are still other smaller SEO factors such as social bookmarking tools, link building tools, and other ways to optimize your websites. Keep reading seo weekly news and articles to stay on top of the game in search engines and to do more business online in general. This will ensure that you never miss out on any of the ever-changing changes happening in cyberspace.