What is an Infared Sauna?

An Infared Sauna is a hot tub that uses infrared heaters to produce radiant heat. The radiant heat is absorbed by the skin surface and is experienced as heat. You can use an Infared Sauna to experience the benefits of this heat without the risk of overheating. But what is an Infared Sauna? What makes it so unique? Let’s explore the science behind the technology.

Therasage Infared Sauna

Far-infrared saunas may provide benefits for your heart health. However, they’re generally more accessible to people than extreme heat. In addition, far-infrared saunas may help you recover from intense workouts and improve muscle recovery. Researchers are currently studying how saunas can benefit athletes. In addition to reducing inflammation, far-infrared saunas may also help to relieve pain and promote recovery from exercise.

An Infared Sauna has become a celebrity-favorite in New York. Many celebrities, including the Kardashians and Dr. Oz, enjoy using an Infared Sauna. They’ve even appeared in Vogue and Thrillist. And in August, a New York Times feature on the benefits of an Infared Sauna was published. A blog post from Equinox gym explained the science behind this hot tub.

The main benefits of an Infared Sauna include the increased flow of blood to muscles, which allows more essential nutrients and oxygen to reach the muscles. This in turn helps the muscles repair and grow, and the increased circulation moves lactic acid and other metabolic waste from the body through the system. It is no wonder that professional athletes have a positive opinion about infrared saunas. Aside from its proven benefits, infrared saunas are also safe for the environment.

The most significant difference between an Infared Sauna and a traditional steam sauna is that an Infared Sauna uses infrared light as a heat source, instead of fire. Infrared light waves penetrate deeper into the tissues than other types of heat, increasing circulation and oxygen flow in the body. Infrared heat waves also generate the ATP in the cells of the body, which improves the body’s energy metabolism.

While you’re relaxing in the sauna, you’ll also experience the effects of music. The sauna’s high temperature encourages blood vessels to expand. The improved circulation increases the flow of blood throughout the body. This helps with heart health, artery elasticity, and blood pressure. As a result, it also enhances muscle health and recovery from muscle stiffness. That way, you can exercise without fear of being injured. And you’ll be able to reap all the benefits of an Infared Sauna session.

An Infared Sauna has several benefits for both men and women. It can help you burn more calories, improve your skin, and improve your mood. An Infrared Sauna has many potential health benefits, including reducing chronic fatigue and easing muscle soreness. Furthermore, it promotes better circulation and reduces the production of cortisol. It can also reduce inflammation, reduce cortisol levels, and boost the release of endorphins. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting an Infared Sauna, go ahead!