The Most Joyful Anime Characters that Will Make Your Life More Exciting

Happiness is something that many people are seeking. And when they see anime series, they want something to entertain them. But if you want to put a big smile on your face, the anime series with happy characters will make a great choice for you.

The happy anime characters can have the way to make you stick to the particular anime show for a longer time. They are energetic, cheerful, friendly, joyful, etc. Their attendances in your favorite anime series can make such a huge difference. Here are the happy characters that you are willing to check.


Kongou from Kantai Collection always has the way to make people smile and laugh. She has the amazing way to bring up the nuance of the anime series to be more cheerful. She always looks at the bright side of things even in such cornering situations. She could be a great example for youths who need more motivation.

Soma Yukihira

Soma Yukihira from the Food Wars anime series is the main character. And because he has more screening time than others,he is the reason why you are captivated with the entire series. Soma does not really care about people who negate him and his friends. He overlooks the bad attitudes of certain characters including Nakiri. His optimism is awesome. He just does what he likes. And his pure motive is clear. That’s why most of his friends (and some enemies) respect him.

Hajime Shinoda

Hajime from New Game is one of my favorite characters. Imagine having positive vibes from your extroverted friend. They will always motivate you when you go down, and congratulate you when you achieve something in your life./ Hajime Shinoda is the perfect representation of such an ideal motivator. We rarely see her feeling down in the anime series.


Goku from Dragon Ball is definitely the happiest person in the Shonen verse. Goku has such positive vibes. His optimism and happiness are contagious. Friends who are surrounding him will feel the vibe and get happy as well. Even his former Rival, Vegeta, admits that his positive personality is contagious.

Anime Characters

Hana Fountainstand

Hana’s cheerful attitude is unbeatable. You might agree if she reminds us about Natsu from Fairy Tail. She is the extrovert with the overwhelming happiness. She always brings the happy vibes to the environment, whether the people are in or not.

Hana has pretty clear goals. She wants to do things she like to achieve her goal. She doesn’t even care about people who look down on her and prevent her from being successful. The rejections? All of these are not a huge problem for her. She only sees one word in the end “success”.

That’s why there’s no reason for her to go down. She is always positive, happy, and motivated.

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail is definitely the character that I’d like to add in this list. He seems to be the happy source of all the characters surrounding him. He never loses his wonderful and flaming spirit. Strangers, enemies, and friends are admitting the fire inside him. He is not the best mages in the entire series. But his straightforwardness and simplicity are the winning factors.