The characteristics of good quality food supplements

Fulfillment of body nutrition can be done by consuming food and supplements. However, they both meet the body’s nutritional needs in different ways. Food meets nutritional needs along with various other components, whereas supplements provide specific nutrients, depending on the type of supplement. From a nutritional perspective, the fundamental difference between food and supplements is the nutritional composition contained in them.

For example, in terms of nutritional composition, including minerals, herbal content, vitamins, amino acids, and other components that are important for our bodies. Food Sunergetic supplements have the function of increasing stamina and the health system in our bodies to avoid various types of diseases. The main advantage of dietary supplements is related to the nutritional intake that we cannot get from regular food. Sunergetic Supplements can also help meet specific nutrition needs that usually occur in conditions of the body with disorders. Although there are many benefits of dietary supplements, you still have to be careful when taking these supplements. Consumption that is not in portions can be harmful to the body. Here’s how to identify whether a dietary supplement is of good quality or not.

1. list of ingredients.

To make sure the supplement you buy is fit for consumption, you should check the supplement label. On the FDA label, you will find a list of all ingredients. Check the labels for vitamin and mineral products to show the amount per nutrient per serving plus the percentage of daily value and the percentages of the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance). Besides, the list of other ingredients must also show the portion that is following the FDA standard, for example, herbal and phytochemical ingredients must show the amount per serving plus the part of the plant taken as ingredients.

2. Composition

Check what types of ingredients make up the supplement composition. A good quality dietary supplement usually uses natural ingredients. A good Sunergetic supplement will usually list the ingredients they use to convince buyers of the quality of their product. You should also check for unfamiliar ingredients. Do not let you consume materials that can harm your body.


3. Expiration period

If you decide to buy a supplement, don’t forget to check the expiration date on the package. Choose a supplement with the oldest expiration date. Medicines that are nearing the expiration date will harm your body and may not provide the benefits they should.

4. Examine the label carefully

Many dietary supplements use a tag with ambiguous meanings. Distinguish between “using natural ingredients” and “containing natural ingredients.” The intent of using natural ingredients in the manufacture of supplements using natural ingredients. Meanwhile, if it “contains natural ingredients” it could be using mostly chemicals and only a small portion of natural ingredients. You must read the labels carefully.

5. Price

The last, but what you should not ignore, is the price. Many people are tempted by cheap price promotion. If you want goods of good quality, you must dare to buy at high prices. A quality supplement, of course, will use the best ingredients and a careful process. You cannot expect these supplements to be cheap. If you buy food supplements below the average cost then you also have to be prepared to accept the risks.