The Importance of a Personal Bodyguard

A personal bodyguard is an important type of personal security officer, law enforcement officer, or military service member that guards a specific individual or a team of individuals – typically high-ranking government officials or members of the armed forces. The term “personal bodyguard” generally refers to both a private individual with a military background and his or her personal bodyguards.

In the United States, there are different types of personal bodyguards for law enforcement, corporate security and even high-profile weddings, vacations and family reunions. Many organizations offer bodyguard services to help boost their image and offer increased security for special events or high-profile public events.

For example, law enforcement agencies and probation departments hire officers known as patrol officers. These officers have been professionally trained to act as a watcher on the beat, checking in on businesses and neighborhoods and making certain that criminals are doing according to the law.

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Parole officers likewise are expected to behave courteously with both criminals and citizens. A bodyguard hired by the U.S. probation department, for instance, would act like a military police officer while apprehending criminals on the street or performing other law enforcement duties.

Military personal bodyguards are similarly trained in the same manner as other law enforcement or military personnel. However, the recruiters for this career do expect a certain degree of professionalism on the part of the applicant. Applicants must have prior law enforcement experience or military experience and show the necessary ability to interact with large groups of people under stressful conditions, while displaying effective judgment and common sense in resolving conflict.