Play Collaboratively with Your Friends in the Minecraft Survival Mode

Survival minecraft servers

As you go to the survival minecraft servers, you can go as a solo player or tag along your friends and build a survival community together. After all, you don’t have to be alone in this challenging world. You can strive to live with your friends and build a great civilization with them. Here is what you can do with your friends in the survival minecraft games.

Reach out your team members

The very first thing to do to build a survival community is to build your survival team. You can assemble the team from your best friends, family members, relatives, or acquaintances. Make new friends by joining with the whitelisting survival minecraft servers.

Specify what you really want

Before joining with any survival minecraft servers, you will want to make it very specific about your goals and expectations. Do you all want to build a farm and start a village, or more than that?

If it is the village that is your final goal, you will have many steps to take since you need to build farms, lighting, pastures, mines, and storage. To achieve that goal, you and your group will need to access the necessary resources such as iron, wood, and many more. There are many new opportunities that you can take from the survival minecraft servers. Depending on what server you join with, you can get involved with your friends who have the same visions as yours.

survival minecraft servers

Find the base

It is important to choose where to settle with your friends. But it is up to you to get spread or gather with your friends for more manpower. Find the grassland and seek the good seeds. Don’t forget to craft an axe so that you and your horde can chop some woods. If you have crafted a table, you can then create some tools with different functions.

If you and your friends are more experienced, you might want to take some time to explore the location and find the best spot for settling down. After finding the place to settle, consider getting the food and armor for your defense and survivability.

The survival minecraft servers developers will update the environment and surprise you with the new challenges that you won’t expect before. So, be ready.
Organize your plans with your friends

Minecraft will improve the survivability for the groups who can cooperate and communicate well. In the early stages of the game, you will need to organize all of the activities with your friends.

The leaders who have a good set of skills and ample experience will likely to improve the chance of winning in survival mode. Therefore, you will only want to play with friends who can work together with you. If there’s no clear common ground between the members, then there is no point to proceed playing the game since you will lose many things rather than gaining.

Prepare the adventure with your team

The key to survive with your group is to address each other with the appropriate roles. That means you will need to make sure that your archer has the good archery skills to start with. Then your fighter should have good armor and the best weapon because they will be in the front line. And so on.

The rules in the group

Decide the rules in the group. Make sure that everyone can opinionate their thoughts. Use the voting system to decide the next agenda. Well, if you have been used to do this, you will strive to survive and win the game for sure.