Protect Your Life: Look Out For Excessive Bedbug Bites In NYC and Brooklyn

Finding a New York City Apartment is just like any other search. You have to first decide on what Apartment you are looking for and then start looking for it. There are three basic kinds of apartments in NYC, namely, luxury buildings, row houses and Chinatown. A Luxury building in New York City is the epitome of opulence and style. These luxury buildings are usually managed by a private landlord and are also known as “Marlow homes”. Hence, they offer the most luxurious apartments in terms of location and amenities.

Birla Tisya

A New York City apartment is also commonly known as “choksi” or “chiyu”. It is an acronym for “city apartment”. In the recent past, these terms have taken a new meaning with the influx of large numbers of Asian immigrants who now own and rent apartments in the city. The word choksi means Asian in Chinese and is usually translated as “distant cousin”. It is used as an alternative to “terrace” or “row house”.

Bed Bug History – The term “bed bug” is related to the pest’s scientific name, Cimex lectularius, but the name has since become synonymous with the widespread presence of these nocturnal insects in U.S. homes. In the early 1990s, the National pest control association reported a nine-month-long outbreak of bed bugs in Manhattan. Since then, the pests have spread to several other cities including Brooklyn, N.Y., and Chicago. Although the prevalence of these creatures in New York has decreased dramatically, landlords in New York City still need to take measure against this menace.

Broken Eggs – The National Pest Control Association attributes the proliferation of choksi infestations in New York City to the number of households with insufficient mattress covers. The mattresses are often lined with loose leaves or grasses. These coverings make it easy for pests like the brown recluse to penetrate the skin of sleeping residents. As a result, many buildings have been required to reduce the amount of clutter within their apartments and to discard mattress covers after thirty days. Bedbug infestations in Brooklyn and Queens have also been on the rise.

Rent Increase – When tenants in Manhattan and Brooklyn face an increased demand for housing, the cost of an apartment can increase by up to twenty percent. New York City landlords need to take note of this problem and act quickly. If an apartment building is not ready to evict trespassers, then the cost of rent could be impacted by drastic decreases. While it is true that the cost of living in New York City is much higher than in other cities, the cost of an apartment is affordable compared to other cities. As a result, Brooklyn and Manhattan landlords need to be proactive in their efforts to prevent and remedy the problem.

Apartment Building Remediation – If the recent string of apartment building fires in New York City are any indication, then it is likely that future apartment fires could be caused by faulty electrical wiring. In addition, some apartment buildings have been found to have dangerous plumbing issues. The presence of these two issues could put apartment dwellers at risk for electrocution and other hazardous electrocution hazards. As a result, Brooklyn and Manhattan landlords need to work closely with their building managers and experts to identify potential building hazards and to implement comprehensive precautions. New York City is a proactive city and each landlord must look out for the health and safety of his or her tenants.