How to Get Certified As a Business Analyst

A business analyst is someone who studies an organization or industry domain and documents its business attributes, processes, or mechanisms, analyzing the business model or its relationship with technology. Analysts help in guiding companies in enhancing processes, products, services, or software through careful data analysis of their business. In order to become a business analyst, you have to undergo training which often lasts a year, plus more if you want to specialize. Business analysts come from a variety of backgrounds, from marketing, information technology, finance, and other industries.

To get certified business analyst, there are some things that you need to do in order to pass the CDAP Exam, all of which are outlined in CBAP’s official Certification Guide. The first thing that you need is a solid grounding in mathematics, preferably in arithmetic and logic. Your next step would be to gain solid business analysis training and study, both in college and via self-study methods. Once you are ready, you must take the exams that will qualify you for certification.

Business intelligence analyst job titles are available in several areas, such as marketing, business analysis, customer service, engineering and other technical fields. Marketing payscale is one area of business analysis, where you can focus on marketing tactics and strategies, while business analysis payscale involves analyzing market trends, competition, and how they affect company operations. There are also specialized roles for marketing and business analysis analysts, such as public policy analyst, government policy analyst, and environmental policy analyst. If you choose to become certified, you have to take the necessary exams and pass them with a certain score to be qualified for a particular job title.