Holistic Medicine – The Difference Between Conventional and Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine emphasizes the importance of optimizing health. It looks for the root of the problem and works towards prevention. It also stresses the importance of proper nutrition and avoidance of harmful substances. This kind of treatment is often more effective than standard Western medical practices. It also has the advantage of involving the patient in the decision-making process. Many practitioners of holistic medicine are certified by the American Board of Integrative Medicine. Therefore, if you are considering getting a consultation with a practitioner, it is a good idea to check his credentials.

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The biggest difference between conventional and holistic medicine lies in its approach to disease. While traditional medicine treats the disease itself, holistic medicine takes a broader view. The practitioner will discuss diet, stress, and lifestyle to identify underlying causes. A patient may be suffering from depression or stress but the practitioner will focus on the whole picture to provide effective treatment. Instead of focusing on the symptoms of the disease, holistic practitioners will look at the underlying causes.

Holistic doctors are well-trained in clinical practices and are capable of providing personalized recommendations to help patients improve their health. A typical consultation with a holistic practitioner usually includes an assessment of your current condition and lifestyle. If you feel unwell, a holistic doctor may recommend dietary changes and nutritional counseling to improve your health. These professionals are experienced in addressing a wide range of wellness concerns. A holistic doctor may recommend alternative therapies, dietary changes, and spiritual counseling.