Different Aspects of Web Design

Web design encompasses a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of online sites. The various disciplines of web design include creative web design, corporate web design, web development, and interactive web design. Creative web design refers to the process by which the designer makes content that will be attractive and appealing to viewers. Corporate web design is the web design used by companies and other large organisations. On the other hand, web development deals with the use of technology to create new web pages. User experience design is an important part of web design, which focuses on making websites easy to use and enjoyable for users.

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Web graphic design mainly deals with the creation of images and logos that are used to advertise products and services, and make websites more attractive and interactive. User interface design deals with the visual elements of a site – how users can interact with the website, such as the buttons, forms, and links. User experience designers often specialise in creating website applications, using various technologies, such as Flash and Java. Search engine optimisation (SEO) experts create the code that increases the visibility of websites in search engines.

The other discipline of web design is emotional design. Emotional designers focus on making websites appealing to the users by providing the information that users need with a particular emotion. The most common emotions used by emotional designers include happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise, and joy. Web developers also have to learn about these different emotions and how they affect different people. Web developers usually develop the websites themselves, in addition to editing the HTML code. Web designers often work closely with graphic designers, to ensure the information provided on the website is consistent throughout.