Check These Things First Before Calling Pest Control Service

Pests have been one of the biggest problems in Australia. Many homeowners have been relying on the top pest control service like Radar Pest Control to help them control nuisance pests. Amongst these dangerous pests, termites are the most responsible creatures that damage the thousands of homes per year. The repair alone could cost you around $2000-$3000 or more depending on the level of the damages. Meanwhile, the average cost of pest control service is only $100 to $400.

Looking at those numbers, hiring Radar Pest Control professionals to help you deal with the pests problem can be a sensible solution to conduct.

Most of the time, homeowners won’t realize that they have termites at home until they notice the visible tunnels in some of the woods. But preventing the termites from infesting is indeed the top priority. So, when is the right time to call them? Check these things first to help you make an informative decision.

Check the wood at your house

It can be your furniture, walls, flooring, windows, door, or anything made of wood. Tap them around. If it sounds hollow, that could be the sign of the termites infestation. Termites feed on the cellulose part of the wooden structure. Chances are you will also notice some small holes. That could be the signs of the livelihood of the termites.

The swarmers patrol

Swarmers can be the obvious sign of termites infestation. For those who haven’t known, swarmers are flying termites that the role is to create new colonies. If you’re lucky, you might come across them. But if you don’t see the physical signs of swarmers, you can look at the traces of them: the discarded wings. This could be the obvious sign of the infestation of termites.
Check your garden, yard, or trees
As we know, termites feed inside the wood. If you have any old or rotting trees, firewood, or leftover woods in your yard, you will want to check them all and see if there’s any sign of termites infestation or not.

If you are not sure, it is best to place these woods and pieces away from your home. The most ideal distance is around 15 feet away. If you have a rotten stump from the cut trees, make sure to remove it completely out of your yard. Termites are fond of this kind of spot.

Check mud on your exteriors

Some termites might construct mud or dirt to preserve the moisture that they need to reach their food source and live. And when you find some parts that have mud on it, it can be the sign of the termites infestation. but when you see an empty part, it does not mean that there is no termite at your house. It can be because they have simply left the area.

Check the damaged wood pieces or furnishing

If you have wood pieces: souvenirs, furnishing, or any other wooden pieces, you will also want to check them. If there is any crack, it could be because of the termites infestation. Well, we didn’t mean that termites cause this. The cracks can be the consequences from other incidents. Then termites can use this opportunity to find their new home.

If you have done all of the tips above and find the life signs of termites, don’t hesitate to reach your professionals at