Becoming a Personal Protection Officer

Known commonly as a “personal security officer”, Personal Protection officers are highly trained in both prevention and detection of threat, including surveillance and protection. Their primary function is to take full responsibility for your personal security, and to formulate ways that minimize your exposure to danger. In this manner, they allow you to live, work, or travel safely within our society. With their expertise and professionalism, they protect you at all times.

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The personal protection officer performs a vital role in all areas of law enforcement, homeland security, corporate security, correctional facilities, the transportation security industry, and public safety. The personal protection officer is responsible for the overall security and well being of those assigned to his/her area. These individuals are often the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the public. Often called on to create barriers or take other action in order to keep the public safe, the personal protection officer performs an invaluable task that protects you, your property, and the rest of us. A well-trained officer is an asset to any organization, and an asset to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

There are many job fields for personal protection officers. The most common is that of a uniformed patrol officer that is employed by a local, state, or federal law enforcement agency. Some Bodyguards specialize in specific components of the law enforcement environment, such as a prison, jail, military bases, and FBI or CIA sites. Regardless of their specific assignment, bodyguards protect and serve the public, ensuring personal safety while on duty.

Today’s bodyguard industry is primarily comprised of corporate, private, and contract law enforcement officers. Many corporations prefer to hire retired police officers with expertise in the security field to provide bodyguard and security services at their facility. In recent years, the executive protection industry has evolved and there are currently a variety of bodyguard positions available. An increasing number of corporate executives choose to hire privately-employed bodyguards to provide personal security and protection for their family and employees. In addition to providing general personal security, a contract officer may be required to provide protection specific to a company or individual.

Contract officers typically perform more specialized personal protection officer duties. In some cases they may be required to provide security services to government and corporate clients. In other instances, a contract security officer may be required to coordinate security services between a client and multiple local, state, and federal agencies. In this case, the bodyguard may be asked to coordinate between the various agencies, take various orders, reports, and communications, handle security checks and balances, and manage the overall process of providing security services to the client.

Other law enforcement officers who may be interested in the employment of a personal protection officer include police detectives, state police officers, and federal agents. All of these individuals have the potential to learn a great deal about the criminal investigation and the prevention of potential dangers. Some of these individuals are well-educated and skilled in the use of computers, computer forensics, or other computer-related skills. Although not all law enforcement officers are proficient in these types of skills, many are very knowledgeable and frequently perform duties related to computer crimes. This is a good career choice for individuals whose aptitude and patience for detail are well-developed and accurate. Many law enforcement officers who are employed as personal protection officers are well-trained, detailed, and detail oriented, making them capable of providing effective security services in any situation.