Bathroom Surgeon – For Patients With Diabetes

“A cracked shower tray can be hard to detect, since the damage is often masked by wallpaper. Even more serious cases could cause structural damage to your ceiling, plastering/paper or the drywall in the room below your shower. Many shower repair jobs are relatively simple and won’t require any advanced plumbing work to fix. But it’s still essential to have your repairs completed right away, because a cracked shower tray can make it difficult or impossible to shower at all.”

The Perth showroom of the Bathroom Surgeon offers a wide range of complete and efficient bathroom renovations, including full floor renovation, floor extensions, shower wallpapered walls, tile replacements and new bathroom mirror units. Renovating your bath and shower is one of the most important home improvement projects you can do to update the look and feel of your home. A leaking shower repair is only one part of this comprehensive process, and the professionals at the Bathroom Surgeon can help you save time and money on the other parts, too.

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As a leading provider of Diabetes Care, the Bathroom Surgeon takes a special interest in diabetes care and treatment. They have a strong patient education policy that requires all new patients to complete an online educational session about Diabetes. This is a proactive step that help ensure they are fully aware of the diabetic patient care they provide and helps to alert them to any potential issues or risks. The expert team of doctors and technicians at the Bathroom Surgeon can treat patients with all types of medical problems, including foot ulcers, foot stress fractures, foot surgery, foot nerves damaged due to foot trauma and even nerve damage due to foot infection. In addition to providing their patients with the highest quality service possible, the Bathroom Surgeon is committed to providing an education that not only helps to prepare their patients for future health challenges but also helps to educate them on the best way to care for themselves, including proper diet and nutrition, maintaining appropriate weight, limiting bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels, reducing risk factors for developing diabetes and maintaining a healthy blood glucose level.