5 Reasons To Start a Dropshipping Business

Now is the perfect time to start your very own online dropshipping business. Coronavirus has spread rapidly around the world forcing many people to work from home and many other people to lose their jobs entirely. With this said anyone can now start their own online business or side hustle within a matter of days from the comfort of their own home without having to go outside.

Today we will be looking at 3 of the best reasons to start a dropshipping business online. You will be able to get started within a matter of hours and it costs less than a couple of $100 as well. Gone are the days of having to spend thousands of dollars to start your very own online business, drop shipping allows anyone to start a business without spending much money at all.


1, No Stock Required

One of the best reasons to start a dropshipping business is that you do not need to purchase any stock, the traditional way of setting up a business. There are many suppliers out there that will work with you and allow you to sell their products had an inflated price and once they are sold they will fulfil the orders for you let’s say you sell a product for $10 and it costs you $5 from the supplier you would make $5 Commission on this sale.

If this product does not sell then you have not lost any money as you have not purchased this product upfront, you can simply try and sell a different product on your store. This is why drop shipping is so lucrative as there is no startup capital involved and no risk of being stuck with stock that you cannot sell.

This is why so many physical retailers go bankrupt especially during pandemic h’s as they’re holding too much stock that they cannot sell , This is why drop shipping is the perfect business model for any ecommerce entrepreneur.


  1. Get a Store Setup For $29

You can purchase a fully-fledged ecommerce store for as little as 29 US dollars per month. This is a great option for beginners and those with limited startup capital to get their very own ecommerce website up and running with minimal expense. Gone are the days of having to pay an expensive web developer to custom build a website for you which could end up costing thousands of dollars.

Some of the best platforms to checkout include Shopify, big Commerce, big cartel, magenta, 3D carte, and volution Dot com. After testing out many platforms over the years I recommend Shopify however if $29.00 per month is still too much then you can get a free platform called woo Commerce and you simply need web hosting. Additionally to this you will need to purchase a domain name for $9 per year. Aside from this you will spend your money on advertisements.


  1. Easy To Learn Dropshipping

Dropshipping is very easy to learn these days with many courses out there offering training and guidance on how to set up your very own business. One of these is called ecom elites and offers a wide variety of training modules a cross 35 hours of content. This course only costs $197.00 so is very affordable and you can click here to checkout this course.